Virtual Reality Bingo UK

The introduction to the mainstream of Virtual Reality technology is revolutionary enough to require not just new hardware, but a new vocabulary for describing the online gaming experience.

Traditional electronic versions of popular games have relied on interface methods that limit our appreciation of them, and clearly demarcate the boundaries between the real and virtual: what we see on the screen may closely resemble what we would expect to see in a casino or gaming hall, but it is still very clearly on a screen, and we access it through controllers or touch pads that make us aware of the distinction. Virtual Reality, however, breaks down this barrier, by using our own senses as the means of interface: turn your head, and the view in front of you changes; raise an arm, and your online character will point the way to an action.

Play VR Bingo Online in the UK!

There is still some way to go towards a fully immersive gaming experience for things like First Person Shooter games (although with military budgets being allocated to this, expect trickle down technology to appear in civilian markets soon), but for traditional casino games, and a perennial favourite like Bingo, Virtual Reality technology is definitely poised to be the next big thing.

Bingo, in particular, has long led itself as much to the social interaction of gaming as to the winning side of the equation: with no need to jealously guard one’s hand, or study one’s opponents inscrutable expressions before placing bets, real money Bingo is as much about the whims of chance as it is about beating those around you to a full house.

With VR headset technology, not only the game play, but the entire environment can be geared towards interacting with the player: scanning the room, checking scores, focussing on the calling of numbers, and communicating with fellow players can all be done at a far higher level of similarity with the real world experience. All the fun and excitement of high stakes Bingo can be replicated, all within the comfort of your own home.

Bingo & Virtual Reality Technology

Until recently, Virtual Reality technology was the realm of science fiction, or offered a limited experience, to the well heeled, falling short of more traditional platforms. Recently, however, with the acquisition by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg of the Oculus company, as well as the entry into the market of major players such as Google, Chinese telecommunications giant HTC, and their Korean counterparts Samsung, this technology has not only made huge progress, but also become far more cost-effective, and viable.

The future of gaming, and other practical applications, has gone from seeing wearable technology as a gimmick, to viewing this as a highly likely development of current trends. Combine all of  this cutting edge technology with a tried and trusted game such as online Bingo, which already has a huge worldwide fan base, and has the perfect balance between excitement and accessibility, and you have an almost certain winner, that really can be said to offer the best of both worlds.