Samsung VR Bingo

Modern technology unlocks a whole new world of experiences, but it is also creating a whole new vocabulary and wealth of oxymorons: until very recently, even in the pages of science fiction, reality was starkly distinguished from the world of artificial experience, and the virtual world simply simulated our real life experiences, with means of interaction that were entirely its own. Put the two together, however, and virtual reality unlocks a whole new world of experience, one that we can interact with in a real and tactile way, using the senses and sensations of everyday existence. Samsung has recently entered this arena, and the VR Gear headset puts it once again at the cutting edge of virtual experience, with both gaming and practical applications.

Oxymoron Number 2

The traditional view of Bingo is perhaps a little conservative, or evocative of long Sunday afternoons: this olden day staple was updated when it moved into the arena of the actual casino (nothing like the possibility of real winnings to add some flavour!), but the idea of combining this popular way of whiling away the time with cutting edge technology has inspired a whole new generation. Online Bingo is perhaps the most sociable of all casino games, since there is no need to fiercely guard your cards, or examine one’s opponents while remaining suitably inscrutable: as an mobile Bingo game, however, it loses much of this interaction, and, probably more so than any other, simply becomes a matter of waiting for the algorithms to roll over. In the virtual arena, however, a player may once again experience all of the live action of the draw, the calling, the search for number combinations, and the fervent hope that none of the other players calls out before you. Samsung’s VR Gear headset puts the wearer in the midst of the action, and by capturing movement and relaying this to the virtual arena in real time, you are as good as there, as are the other players.

Bingo on Samsung VR Gear

Until fairly recently, the Virtual Reality headset market was a niche one, with the big players in the technological arena focusing on developing existing tech, and leaving innovation up to the newcomers. With the entry to the market of giants like Google, HTC, and Oculus, however, this piece of science fiction has leapt from our imaginations and the labs of DARPA to the real world, and once again, Samsung is poised at the forefront of this field. Having shaken up the fields of telecommunications, recording and entertainment with such products as the Galaxy range of smart phones and watches, the Korean technology powerhouse this year unveiled the latest of its VR Gear headsets, a smooth performing and comfortable piece of wearable tech that takes gaming experiences to the next level, and utilises the player as an integral part of the game. Combining this sort of powerful technology with the excitement and interaction of traditional Bingo must surely check all of the boxes for a winning strategy!